To anyone struggling with focus, memory, attention, what have you, we’ve been there. It’s a neurotransmitter imbalance, and you can do something about it. 1. Nootropic.

How To Be More Productive, Creative and Focused By Optimizing Your Brain Chemistry

How to use nootropics to improve your brain function

Our brain undergoes a lot of transformations throughout our lifetime. These biochemicals are essential for the production of neurotransmitters that in turn regulate certain aspects of our behavior and mood.

Creativity, motivation and focus all depend on one’s brain chemistry and in this section we will explore how to optimize it by taking the right supplements.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics is a term for substances that can improve cognitive function, memory, creativity and motivation.

It’s no surprise that people who are interested in biohacking and want to become more productive are using these supplements.

There are three main types of nootropics: natural nootropics, synthetic nootropics and pharmaceutical drugs. Natural nootropics come from plants or other natural sources like walnuts or green tea extract. This type of brain health supplement is not always as strong as the others but improves focus and concentration over a longer period of time. Synthetic brain health supplements typically have stronger and quicker effects on the brain but you have to take them more often to maintain the benefits.

Pharmaceutical drugs can be prescribed by doctors or purchased over-the-counter

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Nootropics and supplements are often used to enhance brain function, increase energy and improve mental clarity. In this article we’ll go through the most popular cognition-boosting supplements and tell you what they do, how they work, which nootropics you should try and which ones you shouldn’t.


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In this article, we will explore the world of nootropics, which are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical brain drugs. The most interesting thing about nootropics is that they work better and have fewer side effects than their chemical counterparts.

Nootropics started out as substances that helped people with mental or physical disabilities live a better life. They have now evolved into everyday products for people who want to be more productive, creative and focused. People who want to optimize their brain chemistry in order to stay healthier for longer periods of time.

NOOTS? Why Not?

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Natural Brain Foods

Magic Mind

Each shot of Magic Mind contains a magical combination of 12 active ingredients designed to stimulate focus, creativity, energy, and motivation while decreasing stress, oxidation, and decreasing post-exercise inflammation in the body.

Boost energy: Ceremonial Grade Matcha and Lion’s Mane mushrooms extend your morning energy.


Increase focus: Lion’s Mane mushrooms and Bacopa Monnieri boost your clarity and focus.


Boost memory: Bacopa Monnieri works to boost your memory on memory recall tests.


Boost mood: Turmeric curcumin works to boost mood.


Decrease stress: Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea work to decrease stress and low-grade anxiety.


Decrease inflammation: Turmeric and Matcha work to decrease post-exercise inflammation.


Heaps of antioxidants: Matcha green tea has over 130x more antioxidants than coffee or regular green tea.


Supports immunity: Vitamin C and Echinacea help support the body’s immune system.

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