Mitochondrial Support for Metabolic Aging

As we age, metabolism—how our body converts food to energy—becomes less efficient as our cell’s powerhouses, the mitochondria, decline. The result: the creation and utilization of cellular energy, cellular renewal, and the ability of our cells to respond to their changing environment are all impacted. Signal targets metabolic aging by supplying declining metabolites and acting to preserve and help generate new mitochondria.

Promotes healthy metabolic aging by:

  • Increasing levels of the critical coenzyme NAD+ by 40% via the highly efficient precursor NMN
  • Activating sirtuin 3 (SIRT3) to protect and generate new mitochondria to support cellular energy
  • Helping maintain insulin sensitivity, essential to maintaining blood sugar levels, in muscle
  • Supporting vascular health—critical for your athletic endurance
  • Supporting brown fat thermogenesis, a cellular process which converts sugar and fat into heat to help maintain body temperature and support a healthy metabolism